Dead Poets Society is my fave movie

WELCOME to my very first blog. I’m so glad to have you join me. This blog is going be an introduction to tell you a little about me and how Carpe’ Design Group came to be. Future Blogs will be focused on interior design.

Since we are new here let me introduce myself. I’m Shelly Groves owner of Carpe’ Design Group. I was born and and raised in Amarillo, Texas. (The biggest little town in the panhandle of Tx.) And I’m still here. I have roots here so I have no plans of going anywhere. Although life brings surprises, so I’m not counting anything out!

Speaking of life’s surprises let me tell you how we got started on this journey. My husband is a fleet manager with no outlet for creativity. He was expressing a desire to have a place to set up his tools and build things. Just a place to tinker.

I wonder if he regrets saying that to me? I’m a mover and shaker. I like to get things done. Within just a few short weeks of speaking his desires we were moving into a warehouse. We started out refinishing furniture and selling it. Neither one of us really enjoyed doing that so once we sold our projects my husband decided to start making furniture.

I love watching ideas evolve. One night I asked Wayne (my husband) what he thought about having a store front to sell his pieces. He liked the idea. Fast forward 3 months we are opening the doors to Carpe’ Design Group.

I will spare you all the crappy details of getting legal and move right into how we came up with our name. Have you ever seen the movie Dead Poets Society? It is my all time fave movie! Robin William’s character was a teacher, I seriously wanted to be his student.

In the movie he teaches his students the latin phrase carpe diem. Before that movie aired, if I had heard that phrase before it didn’t stick with me. But it sure did after seeing that movie. The phrase resonated with me that day and has never stopped. I had to incorporate it into our business name. So Carpe’ Design Group was born. “Seize the design”

Here we are in our brick and mortar selling pieces Wayne made along with curated vintage decor. As time passed we felt the pull to close the doors and move our business online. We now have an Etsy store.

I am currently enrolled at New York Institute of Art and Design. I am almost done. Just one more project to submit. During my studies I learned a ton. After my studies I realized mistakes I made in my own home design. But that’s how you learn right?

Now that we have an online presence we have added another service, E-design. I am so grateful for the connections we are able to make via the internet. I mean it isn’t so cool that I can build a design plan for someone in a completely different state?

If you haven’t looked around at our website I want to invite you to do so. Look at the services we offer and be sure to subcribe to our email list for the monthly newsletter.

Follow us on IG @ carpedesigngroup

Until next time

xoxo Shelly